Assistant Manager Capacity Building (AM-CB), USAID’s Pakistan Capacity Development Services -Small Business Set Aside (PCDS-SB) project, Job Location: Islamabad with frequent travel to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh, Country: Pakistan, Job Type: Full Time, Department / Job Category: Community & Social Services, Last Date: 15 May 2020


Assistant Manager Capacity Building (AM-CB)

Pakistan Capacity Development Services – Small Business Set Aside

Long-Term Technical Assistance



USAID”s Pakistan Capacity Development Services -Small Business Set Aside (PCDS-SB) project is implemented by International Business Initiatives (IBI). It works with USAID’s indirect partners on issues and priorities related to Public Financial Management (PFM). The project provides need-based technical assistance, capacity development services, and limited IT support to mitigate fiduciary risks facing major GOP entities.

PCDS-SB, a three-year project, works with key federal (Islamabad) and provincial (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh) GOP and non-governmental entities to address their critical fiduciary risks resutling from PFM policy and implementation gaps. The goal is to mitigte fiduciary risks at the highest/policy levels so that its impact is passed onto all other entities.

Objective: The Assistance Manager Capacity Building will be responsible to support the Capacity Building Specialist in developing, implementing and improving the capacity building activities of the project to implement the program in Federal, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh province.

Period of Performance: June 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021

Location:  Islamabad with frequent travel to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh

Reports to: Capacity Building Specialist

Key Responsibilities:

  1. S/he will support in periodic work planning of capacity building activities of the project for selected public sector stakeholders
  2. S/he will develop TORs for Short Term Technical Assistants (STTAs), training events reports, progress reports and capacity building progress reports
  3. S/he will conduct visits to the program areas to supervise the field-based activities besides assisting the Short-Term Technical Assistants (STTA) in their formal training, on-the-job training and system development activities for the partner government entities
  4. S/he will support Capacity Building Specialist in managing data of capacity building activities/beneficiaries 
  5. S/he will coordinate with consultants and Short Term Technical Assistants (STTAs)
  6. S/he will support the Capacity Building Specialist in assessing the capacity-building needs for undertaking vulnerability assessments and implementing adaptation activities
  7. S/he will be responsible for regularly extending support to the capacity building specialist in planning, documenting and reproting on various elements of the capacity building component
  8. S/he will assume any other responsibility as deemed necessary by the management

1.      Qualifications:

a.         Education

University degree in social sciences or equivalent with experience of capacity building. 

b.        Professional Experience

At least five years of experience in capacity building and organizational development with donor funded projects

c.         Languages

       For this position fluency in spoken English and Urdu is essential; ability to communicate in Pushto or Sindhi language will be an advantage.

2.      Skills

a.         The candidate must be able to foster cooperation among a diversity of public officials and relevant stakeholders

b.        Excellent writing and analytical skills are required

c.         Excellent computer skills are required in the complete Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint/Visio).

3.      Abilities

a.    Planning and Organization

Ability to identify priority activities and assignments, allocation of appropriate amount of time and resources for completing work on-time.

b.   Communication and Analytical Skills

Excellent communication and analytical skills in English and Urdu are required (Pashtu or Sindhi would be an advantage).

c.    Critical Thinking and Open-Mindedness

Ability to ask questions to clarify, and exhibit interest in having two-way communication; demonstrate openness in sharing information and keeping people informed.

4.      Teamwork

Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve the assignment’s objectives; ability to solicit inputs by genuinely valuing others” ideas and expertise; willingness to learn from others, and ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment. Capacity to work with transparency; capacity to build trust in colleagues.

5.      Special Conditions

LTTA will be required to:

1)      ensure compliance with the PCDS-SB and USAID’s polices regarding confidentiality of information.

2)      observe due diligence in her/his performance of required duties during the course of implementation of assignment.

3)      Ensure that all data relevant to this assignment is not used for purposes other than this assignment.

Submission of the Resumes and Cover Letters

Candidates having required qualifications are invited to send their resume and cover letter by 15th May, 2020 . The resumes should be tailored to the specific requirements of this assignment.


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