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Qt w2 USI Field Officer Required (20 Plus Cities Across Pakistan), Department / Job Category: Community & Social Services – DAILY LATEST JOBS, DAILY JOBS IN PAKISTAN FROM LEADING NEWSPAPERS LATEST BY KFR.COM.PK 《KICK FOR RISE》

USI Field Officer Required (20 Plus Cities Across Pakistan), Department / Job Category: Community & Social Services

Job Location: Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Jhelum, Sargodha, Lahore, Sheikhupura, Chakwal, Multan, Muzaffargarh and Layyah in Punjab, Peshawar, Dir, D.I.Khan and Abbottabad in KPK, Quetta in Baluchistan and Karachi, Hyderabad, Dadu and Sukkur in Sindh

Country: Pakistan

Department / Job Category: Community & Social Services

Last Date: 07 Jun 2020


Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) is a public health problem in Pakistan with almost half the population being at risk. The national IDD control program launched in 1994 had a limited impact in increasing the availability of iodized salt for general public consumption.

The International Organization is assisting the Government of Pakistan in implementing Universal Salt Iodization (USI) program in 110 selected districts of the country. For better monitoring, supervision and quality control of the program in the target districts, the organization has placed USI Field Officers at the field level. The organization has to fill some vacant position, for which the services of competent and dedicated professionals (male/female) are required to work as USI Field Officer. These positions are based at Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Jhelum, Sargodha, Lahore, Sheikhupura, Chakwal, Multan, Muzaffargarh and Layyah in Punjab, Peshawar, Dir, D.I.Khan and Abbottabad in KPK, Quetta in Baluchistan and Karachi, Hyderabad, Dadu and Sukkur in Sindh. The USI Field Officer would spend 70% of his/her time in field and 30% in office by performing but not limited to below activities;

For better monitoring, support and quality control of the program in the target districts it is necessary to place suitable USI Field Officers to coordinate with the stakeholders, monitor salt iodization, ensuring quality of iodization with required PPM, ensure required equipment and provide support to the salt sector as elaborated below:

  • Coordinate with the stakeholders at district levels i.e. GoP, DoH, EDO Health Offices, Food authorities, UNICEF, WFP, EPI and Salt processors and dealers.
  • Monitor /supervise Logistics to the salt producers / processors / dealers including Potassium iodate, drip-feed, test kits, etc.
  • Ensure availability of required equipment and reagents at Quality Control Labs and RQCLs
  • Support regional or district level activities for improving production of iodized salt at the factory and coverage at household levels.
  • Close coordination with Food authorities for joint monitoring
  • Quality assurances and monitoring at production, storage, market and household levels
  • Advocacy with government departments for salt iodization as mandatory for all edible salt produced / distributed.
  • Mobilization of salt processors to comply with standards formulated for iodization of edible salt
  • Coordination with EPI to involve LHWs in household monitoring of salt and awareness raising at community level.

Main objectives of this consultancy

To improve iodized salt coverage in the 110 Districts of USI Program Pakistan (the position will be required to work within his / her own province).  More than one district will be assigned to a Field Officer for easy monitoring and liaison and successful implementation of the program.

Consultant’s Major Role

  1. Work under the supervision of Provincial Manager – USI (in respective province)
  2. Collect and study the relevant documents in general and information about the assigned areas / zones including the most recent survey on the salt sector conducted by the organisation to keep oneself updated on all trends and developments in Salt sector including new government rules, regulations and legislature.
  3. Conduct a continued baseline survey of salt producers / processors in the assigned zone including information on the potential recipients of the potassium iodate, their existing facilities, areas of distribution, etc. Submit periodic reports along with suitable recommendations to the NPM – USI, EDO Health/DFPs.
  4. Collect and maintain data of all salt processors in the area and any new addition and deletion in SPs in their respective areas.
  5. In consultation with the office of the respective Salt associations, DoH, and the Organisation, facilitate DFPs to receive and store potassium iodate, distribute it to the identified salt producers and maintain proper records for the same according to the revised / updated strategy on Potassium Iodate.
  6. Visit factories / salt processing units / iodization facilities of the Potassium Iodate recipients and assist in training the processors in proper maintenance and operation of the equipment and proper iodization process.
  7. Conduct field visits to the respective target Districts for monitoring of salt factories. Meet and discuss matters with the District Focal Persons at government offices and technically support the salt processors in proper maintenance of the equipment. Observe and report on refurbishment needs of salt units.
  8. Monitor and maintain quality assurance of iodized salt at production, storage and market levels and support Quality Control Laboratories (QCL) and its functions.
  9. Facilitate and implement trainings and other capacity building activities in the assigned districts especially capacity building of DFPs to take over the responsibilities in the future.
  10. Hold meetings with EPI program and LHWs and build their capacity for salt monitoring at household levels.
  11. Carry out any other  task assigned by the line manager at the Organization from time to time to achieve the key objective.

Time frame/scheduling/reporting:

  1. Planning meetings and coordination with DoH, EDO H, Provincial Food Authorities, the Organization and salt processors / dealers.
  2. Conduct field visits to the Districts & District salt associations at least 11 days per month and to visit each and every salt processor two to three times a month to monitor quality of salt iodization and ensure required PPM
  3. Meeting with the EDOs, DFPs, President Salt Association & the Organization’s (Provincial Manager) at the end of every month or on needs basis.
  4. Monthly Reporting to Provincial Manager IDD, with a copy to third party, DoH, EDO of the district/ Focal person of the District, and NPM at the end of every month – during the contract period.


  1. Prepare and submit monthly activity work-plan (on 26th of the preceding month) for organization’s consideration (NPM-IDD and Provincial Manager) and seek approval for implementation.
  2. Submit daily / weekly activity and SP data report on the standard format.
  3. Submit weekly progress report on the tasks performed, the targets achieved along with suggestions / recommendations for further improvement by every Monday.
  4. Submit monthly progress report on the tasks performed by 2nd of every month, along with Monthly Salt Processors / dealers Data (on production, storage and distribution of iodized salt).
  5. Submit Activity Report to line manager and NPM-IDD for approval and onward forwarding to third party for processing the payment.
  6. Submit Invoice to organization’s CO for processing payment of consultancy fee and travel re-imbursement.

Qualification & Experience:

University degree from recognized university with 1-2 year’s experience in field work and government coordination at district level. Candidate having experience of working with National or International Development Organization will be preferred. The candidate should possess excellent interpersonal communication, problem solving, writing skills and ability and to work as a team member. Fluency in spoken and written English & Urdu is required.  He/She should be well versed with Microsoft office application.

Male and females as well as for persons with disabilities can apply for this position. Only short-listed candidates will be called for interview. The salary will commensurate with merit and seniority.

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USI Field Officer Required (20 Plus Cities Across Pakistan), Department / Job Category: Community & Social Services

Job Location: Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Jhelum, Sargodha, Lahore, Sheikhupura, Chakwal, Multan, Muzaffargarh and Layyah in Punjab, Peshawar, Dir, D.I.Khan and …

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