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What is TPL Life MUAVIN?

Say good bye to waiting for an Interview call from a recruiter or the hassle of going through newspapers & searching online for vacancies to give your dreams a reality. Simply log on to TPL Life’s MUAVIN – a door way to your financial wellbeing, giving your dreams a reality, a source of additional or regular income for you and your family

Who can become a TPL Life MUAVIN?

TPL Life MUAVIN is not gender specific, and any Male or Female belonging to any walk of life with a Valid CNIC & Minimum Education of an Intermediate can become a TPL Life MUAVIN:

A Student – who is looking to be independent and self-finance his/her education?

Job Seeker – who has high aims and wants to start earning and support his loved ones financially?

House Wife – who is a full time house wife and exploring options to increase her household income?

Businessman/Startup Owner – who has an established business or a startup and is looking for avenues to increase funding for the business through alternate sources of funding?

Become a TPL Life MUAVIN

Avail a golden opportunity to become a part of the family of the TPL Life MUAVINs and develop a steady stream of income for yourself and your family by helping TPL Life making savings, investments and health insurance policies accessible to everyone across Pakistan.

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