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go fk “Atomic Energy” Progressive Public Sector Organization Jobs Latest 2020, Islamabad & Karachi Region – DAILY LATEST JOBS, DAILY JOBS IN PAKISTAN FROM LEADING NEWSPAPERS LATEST BY KFR.COM.PK 《KICK FOR RISE》

“Atomic Energy” Progressive Public Sector Organization Jobs Latest 2020, Islamabad & Karachi Region

A Progressive Public Sector Organization Invites the Applications from Pakistan Citizens to Fill Up the following Positions on Contract/Regular Basis:

1. Assistant Manager (Electronic),

2. Assistant Manager (IT/Software), 

Assistant Manager (Admin/HR/Procurement),

Assistant Technical Officer, Electrical 

Assistant Technical Officer, Auto

Assistant Technical Officer,  Electronic 

Computer Technician,

Computer Operator,

Jr. Library Assistant,

Telecom Operator-I,

Jr. Computer Operator 

Jr. Assistant-II,



شیئر کریں, بےروزگاری ختم کرنے میں پاکستان کی مدد کریں, اجر کمائیں

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“Atomic Energy” Progressive Public Sector Organization Jobs Latest 2020, Islamabad & Karachi Region

A Progressive Public Sector Organization Invites the Applications from Pakistan Citizens to Fill Up the following Positions on Contract/Regular Basis: …


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