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Driver – Karachi (on-going)

Project Background and Objectives

  • The DFID ‘Delivering Accelerated Family Planning in Pakistan (DAFPAK):
  • Lot 2 Public Sector Service Delivery’ is a part of the DAFPAK programme funded by the Department of International Development (DFID).
  • The 3.5-year programme aims to increase access to family planning services; and improve quality of Client-centred services such that more women, including adolescents are able to safely plan their pregnancies and improve their sexual reproductive health.
  • The expected outcome for the programme is 11.9 million CYPs generated by expanded access to FP services; 55,000 additional users of family planning and an increase in modern CPR from 26.1 at the baseline to 33.9.
  • Palladium and its consortium partners, Pathfinder, the Family Planning Association of Pakistan (FPAP), IPAS and Aahung will strengthen the quality of service provision in the public sector (across 30+ districts in three provinces Punjab, Sindh and KPK) by:

Increasing access to FP services:

  • Building capacities of government health/FP facility staff on integration of services, improving clinical quality and expanding the range of contraceptives offered.
  • Training community workers (LHWs) to expand the FP services that they offer.
  • Establishing new procedures in health facilities to better integrate services.

Improved quality of client-centred FP services:

  • Building capacities of the government health/FP facility staff on client-centred/unbiased counselling.
  • Building capacities of community workers on better, client-centred/unbiased counselling.
  • Building capacities of government health/FP facility staff on improving clinical quality.
  • Improving quality assurance systems involving district health management teams, including clinical waste management.
  • Beyond building capacities of district health teams, health facility staff and community-based workers.
  • The project will focus on sustainably changing behaviours of providers, systemic changes and commitments through engagement with and TA to district and provincial level governments, health management teams, providers and communities.

Assignment Background

  • The role will be responsible for Driving and Maintenance of Programme vehicles of DAFPAK so that delivery of project activities can be implemented to ensure smooth and good quality.

Specific Tasks and Deliverables

  • Assigned as driver to perform staff duty and as per needs basis duty with the Programme Manager and other executive staff members Driving staff to and from meetings and bank related jobs, mail delivery and pickup/drop to the airport.
  • Driving locally within vicinity of the assigned district and outstation field areas across the country.
  • Maintaining Log book on daily basis including keeping record of trips including kilometres travelled, fuel consumed and cost, and dates of oil changes, all according to established procedure.
  • Responsible for the respect of traffic rules according to the country regulation. Make ensure that all passengers wear seatbelts, including the driver himself.
  • Be aware of security at each point of drop off or pick up and keep staff safe during journey.
  • Ensure that the vehicle has all required registrations/licensing and inspections, and that necessary documentation is retained with the vehicle.
  • Ensure vehicle has sufficient amount of fuel, maintain the vehicles’ cleanliness, and ensure its security for daily use and proper evening and weekend storage at office site.
  • Maintaining proper record of the vehicle service and change of motor oil and filter etc.
  • Well in time under the organization policy Keep overall checking of vehicle on daily basis like engine, body and proper cleanliness, polishing etc.
  • Work at all hours as and when needed.
  • Using alternate routes to avoid setting any regular driving pattern and practices sound security awareness including surveillance detection and attack recognition.
  • Focusing on constant awareness, judgment and reaction to formulate a defensive/counter-terrorist driving posture.
  • Ensuring all the safety measures before going to long travel like tool kit, first aid box, ice box, extra tyres, fuelling and air-pressure keeping valid driving license, road maps, proper checking of vehicle lighting, mirrors, important and emergency contact Nos.


The Driver is a full time positions based in Sindh reporting to the DAFPAK Logistics & Operations Officer Sindh and Procurement & Logistics Officer in Islamabad.



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