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YS BK National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) Islamabad Jobs Latest 2020 – DAILY LATEST JOBS, DAILY JOBS IN PAKISTAN FROM LEADING NEWSPAPERS LATEST BY KFR.COM.PK 《KICK FOR RISE》

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) Islamabad Jobs Latest 2020

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority is mandated to deal with the matters pertaining to generation, transmission and distribution of electric power services; thereby requires the services of suitable Professionals / Staff for its Head Office as listed below:

Deputy Director (Market I Research & Development)= 01

Minimum Qualification: 16 Years education in Electrical Engineering from reputable University recognized by HEC. Candidates having higher qualification or foreign degree will be given preference. Candidates must be registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council.

Experience: A minimum of 10 years post-qualification experience. Must have expertise in all the statistical tools required for the Research & Development. Must have the understanding of various Power Market Models. The Candidates having relevant experience of the system operations, economic merit order and dispatch/ Distribution Companies, Regulatory Authorities, Consumer Relations, adjudication and administration will be given preference. Candidates having PhD in Electrical Engineering will be given relaxation in experience up to 3 years.

Deputy Director (01 post )

Merit/Quota/Age Quota: Punjab = 01

Maximum Age: 40 Years

Status: Regular.

However, initial appointment will be on probation for a minimum period of one year. Place of Posting Islamabad Quota: Punjab = 01 (Corporate Social Responsibility) Fata / GB = 01 (Insurance Specialist) Merit = 01 Assistant Director (HR) Maximum Age: 35 Years

Assistant Director (Corporate Social Responsibility) (CSR)= 01

Sixteen (16) years education in (business management/Marketing/ Communications/ Social Sciences/ Humanities/ International Development) from a reputable University recognized by the HEC. Candidates having higher qualification or foreign degree will be given preference. Experience: Preference will be given to the candidate with proven experience of working with local and International Corporations/ Donor Agencies/ NGOs in the respective field. Islamabad

Assistant Director (Human Resource) = 01

Sixteen (16) years Bachelors in Human Resource/ BBA (HR) / MS(HR)/ MBA (HR) or equivalent from a reputable University or Institute recognized by HEC. Candidates having higher qualification or foreign degree will be given preference. Experience: Candidates having relevant experience of Human Resource Management & Human Resource Development will be given preference. Candidates should have better communication skills.

Assistant Director (03 Posts)

Status: Regular. However, initial appointment will be on probation for a minimum period of one year. Islamabad

Assistant Director (Insurance Specialist) = 01 Sixteen (16) years Bachelors in Finance/ BBA (Finance) / ACCA / CA or equivalent from a reputable University or Institute recognized by HEC. Candidates having higher qualification or foreign degree will be given preference. Experience: Candidates having relevant experience of Insurance, Regulatory Authority and Consumer Relations will be given preference. Islamabad Quota: Punjab = 03 Punjab (W)= 01 KPK = 01 FATA/GB = 01 Merit (W)= 01 Maximum Age: 35 Years Status: Regular.

However, initial appointment will be on probation for a minimum period of one year. Minimum Requisite Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree and typing speed over (40) words per minute Experience: Candidate having relevant two (02) years post-qualification experience in secretarial work such as Office Management, Data Management, record handling, files handling, report writing and MS Office etc.

Office Assistant (07 Posts) Islamabad


i. Age will be counted up to closing date fixed for receipt of applications.

ii. Selected candidates will be posted at Head Office/Regional Offices or anywhere in Pakistan as per requirement of the organization.

iii. Applicant shall present his/her original documents along with set of attested copies of Degree/Certificate issued by HEC/Recognized Board/Universities/Institutes and other relevant documents at the time of interview. In case of any information furnished by the applicant is found fake or bogus, candidature of the particular candidate shall stand cancelled and legal action shall be taken against the particular candidate at any stage of the recruitment process under relevant laws of Pakistan.

iv. The candidates are required to mention the post applied for on the right top corner of the envelope.

v. Incoming applications and those received after the closing date will not be entertained.

vi. By hand applications will not be accepted/entertained.

vii. The Competent Authority reserves the right to cancel the recruitment process, the number of posts as per requirement against any post at any stage without assigning any reason.

viii. No TA/DAwill be admissible for written test/interview.

ix. Applicant shall apply directly on Open Testing Service (OTS) website. After applying for the post(s), applicants are advised to regularly check Open Testing Service (OTS) website i.e. www.ots.org.pk for important announcement (procedures for Roll No. /Screening Test Schedule/Result etc.) related to recruitment against the above posts.

x. Information provided in application form will be verified in case of offer of appointment. In case of any false or forged information, organization reserves the right to cancel the candidature at any stage (even after employment if so discovered later) and to initiate legal action against the applicant.

How to Apply:

Application form and online deposit slip are available on Open Testing Service website (www.ots.org.pk)

Please submit your test fee through prescribed deposit slip on any online branch of designation banks.

Deposited amount is non-refundable/non-transferable.

Applications may be sent on prescribed application form with online deposit slip (in original) within 15 days after the publication of advertisement address given below.

MANAGER OPERATION Open Testing Service Pakistan Address: Office # 01, Central Avenue, Bahria Town, Phase VI, Islamabad Contact No. 051 111 687 222, Website: www.ots.org.pk E-mail:info@ots.org.pk

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