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vD JR 40 Vacancies, Mardan Medical Complex Mardan Jobs, Charge Nurses (20), Clinical Technicians (20) Latest Jobs in MMC Mardan, KPK – DAILY LATEST JOBS, DAILY JOBS IN PAKISTAN FROM LEADING NEWSPAPERS LATEST BY KFR.COM.PK 《KICK FOR RISE》

40 Vacancies, Mardan Medical Complex Mardan Jobs, Charge Nurses (20), Clinical Technicians (20) Latest Jobs in MMC Mardan, KPK


Charge Nurses 20 Positions

Clinical Technicians 20 Positions 


Publiched on: 17-05-2020

Applications are invited from the candidates having domicile of KPK & its merged districts for the following positions at MTI MMC Mardan.


1. The Candidate must send prescribed Job Application form available at website www.mmckp.gov.pk.
2. CV along-with passport size photograph and attested photocopies of all degrees, certificates, CNIC and other related documents should be sent with the application.
3. Incomplete application or Form will not he considered.
4. In-service employees shall apply through proper channel, where in the service of Candidates already employed in Govt. organization will be secured.
5. No TA / DA will be admissible for test / interview.
6. The quota of minority/disable will be treated as per government policy.
7. The competent authority has the right to increase/decrease or cancel any or one of the positions.
8. Applications should be addressed to Hospital Director, and reach to the office of the Manager HR & OD, Mardan Medical Complex, Martian within 15 days of the publication of this advertisement
9. Applications must be in a sealed envelope, with the position applied for clearly written shall be sent through courier/TCS with a Bonk Draft of Rs.1000/- in respect of Hospital Director or may be submitted by hand with processing fee of Rs.1000/- at HR Office MTI Mardan.

شیئر کریں, بےروزگاری ختم کرنے میں پاکستان کی مدد کریں, اجر کمائیں

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40 Vacancies, Mardan Medical Complex Mardan Jobs, Charge Nurses (20), Clinical Technicians (20) Latest Jobs in MMC Mardan, KPK

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