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MF n7 Careers Opportunities in LESCO Management Lahore Latest May 2020 – DAILY LATEST JOBS, DAILY JOBS IN PAKISTAN FROM LEADING NEWSPAPERS LATEST BY KFR.COM.PK 《KICK FOR RISE》

Careers Opportunities in LESCO Management Lahore Latest May 2020


Chief Law Officer

Publiched on: 10-05-2020

LESCO is a Public Limited Company owned by the Government of Pakistan, incorporated under the Companies

Ordinance 1984 and is registered with SECP. LESCO distributes and supplies electricity to more than 5.1 million

consumers within defined geographical areas of Lahore, Kasur, Sheikh upura, Okara and Nankana Districts.

We believe Human Resource is the Key Asset that will enable LESCO to realize its Vision. We also believe that it is

the quality of the Human Resources and the Effectiveness of its Organization Structure that will enable LESCO to

meet shareholder’s expectations for all times to come.

LESCO is seeking the services of dynamic qualified professionals with relevant experience for Above Mentioned Positions

Chief Law officer will report to Chief Executive Officer LESCO and shall manage and oversee LESCO’s legal

department and monitor the litigation matters of LESCO and shall be responsible for dealing with Legal,

Litigation, Labor and Corporate Affairs of the Company.


• Overall responsible for legal matters and aspects of LESCO.

• Review, Improve and Develop LESCO’s Legal Policies & processes

• Provide legal services and support to all Departments in LESCO without burdening them with legal work.

• Own, Manage and Oversee all litigation cases including civil, service and criminal matters of the company

• Render Legal Opinion to BOD, CEO and management staff on matters of multifarious nature pertaining to Tariff,

Service, Labor; Civil, Corporate, Criminal, Banking and Energy Sector etc including vetting and drafting of legal

documents and agreements

• Identify, analyse, and provide appropriate legal guidance and counsel to management to protect LESCO’s interest

• Ensure compliance with regulatory code and keep current update on any legal change and regulations

• Review legal documents of the company and ensure its legal protection like assets maintenance, agreements

and other court orders compliance

• Manage & Coordinate Company Affairs with Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) in the matters of Tariff Consumer

Affairs and Performance Standards, etc

• Liaise with panel lawyers for effective defense of company’s stance before the courts

Supervise matters before Wafaqi Mohtasib

Qualification, Experience and Skills:

• LLB / LLM / Bar at Law

• 10 Years of Experience in corporate Law, regulatory and commercial affairs from large commercial/public

organization of repute preferably in power sector

• Must possess experience in ‘lout of court” settlement in litigation cases and ability to exercise strong judgment.

• Strong Interpersonal skills, ability to communicate and manage at all levels and attention to detail

Remuneration & Age:

• Candidate will be offered market based compensation package

• Ideal candidate must be up to 58 years age

• Initial contract shall he a period of three years effective from the date of joining, extendable as per Rules on the

basis of performance

How to Apply:

Application forms are available on LESCO website and should be submitted through internet on LESCO website as well as through post along with detailed CV, attested copies of testimonials, three references

and a recent photograph. Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interview.


  • Any or all applications can be rejected without assigning any reason.
  • No application will be accepted by hand.
  • Departmental candidates are required to apply through proper channel.
  • LESCO is an equal opportunity employer; females are equally encouraged to apply.

Last date for submission of application is 29.05.2020.

Note:-This advertisement is also available on PPRA website at

Address: Human Resource Director

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO)

22-A Queens Road, Lahore

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