FPSC Jobs June 2020 Latest Apply Online Consolidated Advertisement No 04/2020


Airports Security Force (ASF)

Cabinet Secretriat (Aviation Division)

01 Inspector (BPS-16)

Naval Headquaters, Ministry of Defence

01 2nd Engineer (Electronics) System Engineer PCBRF

Directorate of Federal Government Educational Institutions (Cantts / Garrisons)

73 Computer Instructors (BPS-17)

105 Physical Training Instructor (Female) (BPS-16)

95 Physical Training Instructor (Male) (BPS-16)

49 Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) (Male) (BPS-16)

59 Computer Instructor (Female) (BPS-17)

65 Secondary School Teachers (SST) (Female) (BPS-17)

65 Secondary School Teachers (SST) (Male) (BPS-17)

109 Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) (Female) (BPS-16)

Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination

04 Senior Registrar (BPS-18)

Medical Department of Pakistan Railways

(Railway Board) Ministry of Railways

24 Medical Officers (BPS-17)

Revenue Division Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)

27 Preventive Officers (BPS-16)

15 MIS Officers (BPS-16)

Pakistan Meteorological Department Cabinet Secretariat (Aviation Division)

01 Assistant Electronic Engineer (BPS-17)

01 Deputy Director (Engineering) (BPS-18)

01 Meteorologist (BPS-17)

Department of Communication Security Cabinet Division

03 Assistant Communication Security Officer (BPS-16)

01 Communication Security Officer (BPS-17)

Health Department Gilgit Baltistan

Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan

01 Medical Officer (Male) (BPS-17)

Management Services Wing Establishment Division

01 Director (BPS-19)

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC)

04 Assistant Director (BPS-17)

Education Department Gilgit Baltistan

Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan

16 Principal / Vice Principal / Headmasters (BPS-19)

04 Principal / Vice Principal / Headmistress (BPS-19)

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