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    There are several local and foreign institutions in Pakistan that provide free online training programmes, including the top free online courses in freelancing skills with e-certificates. To develop a competent workforce for the future of work and to support Pakistan’s digital economy, more than 7.5 million training sessions have been delivered since 2018. A crucial component of this programme is the empowerment of women, who gain from the opportunity to study and earn while relaxing in the comfort of their homes.

    1. National Freelance Training Program (NFTP)

    Number of Free Courses: 10

    The Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication (MoITT) has a vision to provide Freelancing Training to empower youth of the nation. In order to bring this vision to verity, a comprehensive National Freelance Training Program (NFTP) has been designed which provides contemporary training to aspiring freelancers across all provinces of Pakistan. This ambitious program seeks to achieve sustainable economic growth through women empowerment, reduced inequality, gender balance and leading-edge training. This will in-turn help in increased global representation, partnerships and social upliftment of under developed regions of nation. Over the course of 3 years, our aim is to empower 21,000+ individuals to generate substantial income, through its 20 state-of-art centres.

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    2. Digiskills

    Number of Free Courses: 15 Free Advance Courses

    The biggest training programme in Pakistan,, offers the greatest free online courses in freelancing skills with electronic certificates from VU and Ignite. Since 2018, more than 3.5 million training sessions have been delivered to create a trained workforce for the future of work and to support Pakistan’s digital economy.

    Women’s empowerment is a crucial component of this programme since it allows them to study and make money while remaining in the comfort of their own homes.

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    3. e-Rozgoor

    Number of Free Courses: 07

    It has become the government’s top priority to guide the educated youth of the province in the proper way in light of the province’s mounting unemployment and financial difficulties. In order to train aspiring freelancers and improve their professional talents, the Punjab Information Technology Board and the Youth Affairs and Sports Department have decided to construct e-Rozgaar centres in 36 districts around Punjab. The Punjabi government will help young people find sustainable sources of income through this project. Giving young people training chances for self-employment utilising internet-based freelancing is one of the project’s main goals. This smart initiative by the Punjab government will help 15,000 people develop their freelancing abilities each year, which will eventually enable them to make a decent income. This programme is a revolution, not simply a training one, that will help create jobs and get Pakistan ready to compete in the global labour market of the future.

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    4. Alison

    Number of Free Courses Provided: 4000 Plus

    A significant free online education platform with a global reach is Alison. It has CPD UK’s continuing professional development certification.

    The website primarily focuses on improving workplace abilities. It offers free access to 2,000 course materials with certifications and degrees and has 17 million registered users.

    Additionally, it provides the greatest services without restrictions; Pakistanis may use this website as well.

    It’s exciting to learn that more than 1.5 million people worldwide list an Alison course on their resume. The main advantage of using Alison is that it gives users the freedom to finish their programmes on their own time.

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    5. NAVTTC

    Number of Free courses Offered: 75

    PRIME MINISTER’S YOUTH SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM The purpose of the PMYSDP is to improve the standard of technical and vocational education and training. The program’s objective is to provide young people with the high-tech and conventional market-driven skills necessary for professional advancement, with the goal of raising youth capability to par with international norms. The programme consists of a number of measures designed to encourage the change of the nation’s overall TVET system. The elements include national/international accreditation of TVET institutions, the construction of 75 High Tech Skills centers/labs, the National Employment Exchange Tool (NEXT) with a national job portal and conventional, apprenticeship, and High Tech Skills training. The PMYSDP is the vehicle for change that would enable youth to realise their potential for personal growth and change for Pakistan’s future.

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    Batch 4 TLM


    The worldwide online learning platform Coursera provides everyone and everyone with access to online courses and degrees from renowned institutions and organisations.

    Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng started Coursera in 2012 with the goal of giving students all around the world educational opportunities that would change their lives. Currently, Coursera is an international platform for online learning and professional development that gives anybody, anywhere access to online courses and degrees from top institutions and businesses. Coursera obtained B Corp accreditation in February 2021, which means that while we continue to work to remove obstacles to top-quality education for everybody, we have a legal obligation to have a beneficial impact on society as a whole in addition to our shareholders.

    In order to access top-notch education whenever and wherever they choose, more than 7,000 institutions, corporations, and governments, together with 113 million learners, have turned to Coursera.

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    7. UDEMY

    With its real style of describing, Udemy is the most significant online learning platform that helps a lot of individuals.

    It includes a broad spectrum of difficult talents. It offers 65,000 distinct online courses, all of which contain high-quality instructional material.  To meet the demands of current technology, Udemy provides both free and paid course materials.

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    Number of Free Courses Available: 128

    The finest chance for students, instructors, professors, mid-career professionals, IT specialists, physicians, and anybody else from across the world to study Harvard courses for free is through Harvard University’s free online courses. This wonderful free Harvard programme is an exceptional opportunity for people to add the Harvard seal to their CVs and to enhance their qualifications for any current or forthcoming professional opportunity. Free Harvard Online courses are intended to further human understanding and encourage everyone to receive the highest calibre of education possible.

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    9. Pakistan Institute of Computer Sciences

    Number of Free Courses: 2165

    PICS is a recognised platform that equips students with the most recent technological expertise. This Institute strives to provide top-notch education at home. It also helps people refine their talents for the internet marketplaces.

    There are now 2165 technical and non-technical courses available. These include courses in management, business, IT, engineering communication, medical science, and other academic disciplines. They provide certain of their certificates and certifications for no charge in order to help individuals.

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    10. e- Taleem Pakistan

    Free Online Grade-KG to Grade 12(Intermediate)

    Integration of technology with the current educational system to offer online learning anytime and whenever. Either you are in school or not, you should use the Taleem portal.

    The portal gives schoolchildren, out-of-school students, instructors, and school administration access to courses and digital educational materials. It employs a flexible method so that learning may occur at any speed and be evaluated. The portal may be accessed using a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and desktop PCs.

    For people who have visual impairments or prefer to study through audio, e-Taleem also maintains a library of audio content.

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    11. The Open University

    Welcome to OpenLearn, where The Open University offers free education. Do you want to go more deeply into something you’ve previously learned, or are you seeking for a new subject to investigate? You can discover anything on OpenLearn, whether you’re looking for a 60-second cartoon film or a 24-hour course, for free.

    Our goal is to remove obstacles to education by providing millions of students with free educational resources each year.

    Central to our social goal are free educational materials. We think that access, lack of confidence, and expense are the primary obstacles to beginning schooling. The Open University strives to eliminate these obstacles because:

    We rely on platforms and formats that are accessible both offline and online. This increases our access and discoverability.

    By organising the distribution of free learning using good and long-term business strategies, we eliminate costs.

    By assisting learners in earning badges and declarations of involvement, we raise their self-esteem and confidence.

    The Open University takes an unconventional and ground-breaking stance on access. We have a commitment to making free learning information available to others and promoting it, both of which serve the interests of the larger community. This commitment matches our reluctance to erect qualification obstacles in front of our own students. OpenLearn is a leader in the production of top-notch open educational resources (OER) that are widely available, cost-free, and open to all.

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    12. Lectera

    At long last! Lectera’s free courses provide you the chance to quit resisting change and gain the talents you’ve always wanted. Try out our ground-breaking Fast Education approach! Spend 15 minutes a day studying, improve your soft skills, and achieve results. Only the courses that will enable you to transform your life have been chosen by us.

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    A nonprofit organisation called Saylor Academy has been working since 2008 to provide everyone who wants to study with free and open online courses. At the collegiate and professional levels, we provide close to 100 full-length courses, each created by subject-matter experts. Each course is accessible for completion at your own speed, according to your schedule, and without charge.

    Using Saylor Academy’s online courses, you may develop new skills or earn credit towards a degree at your own speed and with no time constraints. Become one of the 1,601,504 students who began their academic career with us. We’re dedicated to breaking down obstacles to education and assisting you in developing crucial skills to further your professional aspirations. View our whole course offering below, or register right now to start taking classes.

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