FEDERAL PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION Consolidated Advertisement No. 5/2020, FPSC JOBS LATEST 2020

Intending candidates may apply on-line upto 20th July, 2020 for the following vacancies. Also visit FPSC’s website for details mentioned in the General Instructions to the candidates.

(i) Finance Division  14  Temporary

Merit= Two, Punjab= Eight (Open Merit= Seven and Minorities/ Non-Muslim quota= One), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Women quota)= One, Balochistan= One and EXFATA= Two.

(ii) Pakistan Customs Department, Revenue Division, Federa Board of Revenue  15   Permanent

Merit= One, Punjab=Eight (Open Merit= Seven and Women quota=One) Sindh(Rural) =Two, Sindh (Urban)= One, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa= Two and Balochistan= One

(iii) Military Finance Wing, Finance Division  1 Permanent

Punjab= One

(iv) Management Services Wing,  Establishment Division  5   Permanent

Punjab= Three (Open Merit= Two and Women quota= One), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa= One and Balochistan= One

(v) Federal Medical & Dental College, Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination  2   Permanent

Punjab= One and Sindh (Rural)= One

(vi) Airports Security Force, Cabinet Secretariat (Aviation Division)  1  Permanent


(vii) Economic Affairs Division, Ministry of Economic Affairs  6   Permanent

Merit= One, Punjab=Three (Open Merit= Two and Women quota=One), Sindh(Rural) =One and Sindh (Urban)= One.

(viii) Naval Headquarters, Ministry of Defence  3 Permanent

Merit= One and Punjab= Two

(ix) Pakistan Military Accounts Department, Ministry of Defence   4   Temporary

Punjab (Women quota)= One, Sindh(Urban) =One, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa= One and Balochistan = One.

(x) Corps of E&ME Department, Ministry of Defence  2   Permanent

Punjab= One and Sindh (Rural)= One

(xi) Ministry of Science & Technology  1  Permanent

Punjab (Women quota)

(xii) Ministry of Privatization  2  Permanent

Punjab= One and Sindh (Rural)= One

(xiii) Intelligence Bureau   3   Temporary

Balochistan= Two and Gilgit Baltistan=One

(xiv) NIRC, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource  Development   1  Permanent

Sindh (Urban)

(xv) Policy Wing (Petroleum Division), Ministry of Energy.  1  Temporary

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

(xvi) Federal Service Tribunal, Ministry of Law & Justice   3   Permanent

Merit= One and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa= Two

(xvii) Anti Narcotics Force, Ministry of Narcotics Control   4  Permanent

Punjab= Two, Sindh (Urban)= One and Balochistan= One

(xviii) Special Courts/ Tribunals, Ministry of Law & Justice  2  Permanent

Sindh (Rural)

(xix) Ministry of Law & Justice   2   Permanent

Merit= One and Punjab= One

 Total: 72

Note: (i) Only one online application be furnished for all the above mentioned vacancies and fee also be deposited once.

(ii) The candidates will be required to cast preference at the time of interview to the department they would like to join on Selection.

(iii) Candidate shall have to appear in typing test, computer literacy test and shorthand test . The Computer literacy means proficiency in M.S Office (M.S Word, Power Point & Excel)

Other Multiple Jobs are also provided in the Consolidated Advertisement Below 


1. Observance of General Instructions:

In all cases eligibility of the candidates shall be determined as per Commission’s policy laid down in General Instructions displayed at FPSC’s Website. Candidates are advised to go through the said General Instructions to update themselves before applying.

2. Procedure to apply:

(i) All applications must be submitted online through FPSC’s website www.fpsc.gov.pk. 

(ii) Candidates may edit on-line applications only once within the closing date in order to rectify any error/ omission etc.

(iii) Information claimed in on-line application form will be treated as final.

(iv) Subsequent claims of experience, earlier not given in on-line form, are considered afterthought and an attempt to become eligible. Such subsequent claims shall not be accepted.

(v) Detailed General Instructions/ guidelines to apply online are available on the website.

(vi) No hardcopy of online application is required from the applicants. 

(vii) Those applicants who do not have access to internet facility, are allowed to submit their applications on or before the closing date, addressed to Secretary FPSC on plain paper giving detailed particulars in the light of prescribed conditions for the post applied for, intimating difficulties in submission of online applications. Such applications will be accepted subject to approval of the Commission. 

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3. Application Fee:

(i) The rate of fee for various posts is:- BS-16 to 17 = Rs. 300/- ; BS 18= Rs. 750/- ; BS-19 = Rs. 1200/- ; BS-20 and above= Rs. 1500/-

(ii) The fee may be deposited on or before the closing date in the nearest Government treasury or in a branch of National Bank of Pakistan or in a State treasury authorized to transact business on behalf of Government under head “C02101-ORGANS OF STATE EXAMINATION FEE REALIZED BY FPSC”. Bank draft / Cheque/ Postal Order is not acceptable

(iii) Original T.R may be preserved and provided to the supervisory staff at the time of test/ examination at the Center given in Admission Certificates. Photocopy or Bank Scroll is not acceptable. 

(iv) T.R may not be sent to FPSC in advance but provided at the time of test/ exam or when asked for. 

4. Relaxation in Upper Age Limit: Maximum age limit as prescribed under the Recruitment Rules shall be relaxed in pursuance of initial Appointment to Civil Posts (Relaxation of Upper Age Limit) Rules, 1993 (as amended from time to time). The detail is given at para-6 of General Instructions available at FPSC’s website www.fpsc.gov.pk

5. Shortlisting criteria for interview: The candidates will be shortlisted for interview as per policy of the Commission contained in para -16 (A, B&C) of General Instructions.

6. Documents required from the candidates: 

(i) After the test/ exam, on the basis of results, the candidates who are on higher merit positions in respective quota would be asked to furnish the attested copies of requisite documents viz: two photographs, Matric, Intermediate certificates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, M.Phil, Ph.D Degrees, CNIC, Experience Certificate (where required) showing nature of job/ detailed job description issued by an authorized officer of the Ministry/Division/Department concerned, Domicile Certificate, Departmental Permission Certificate (in case of government servant) as well as Original TR (in non-test cases) etc. within 15 days of the Notice from FPSC by post, SMS and E-mail.

(ii) Wherever an equivalence of the required degree is to be claimed by a candidate, an equivalence certificate issued by HEC may be furnished to FPSC to authenticate the claim.

(iii) Experience from Firms/ Companies/ Institutions/ Organizations/ Banks/ NGOs etc., will be accepted if these are well known nationally or internationally, have appropriately been registered/ incorporated with concerned government department/ institution for doing business, maintain office (s) and have proper registration number/ Reference number, where applicable.

(iv) The candidates who fail to furnish the requisite documents within stipulated time or furnish incorrect/incomplete information, their candidature shall be liable to rejection. Therefore, they are advised to keep their documents ready for submission to FPSC by the due date.

(v) From requisition of documents it should not be presumed that the candidate has been shortlisted for interview as his/her eligibility is to be determined in view of documents and merit position.

7. Eligibility of the candidates in all respects shall be reckoned upto the closing date.

8. Admission Certificate: Admission Certificate for Screening/ Descriptive Test for the respective posts will be placed on the website of FPSC i.e. www.fpsc.gov.pk. on 2nd November, 2020. Candidates are advised to frequently visit this website for the updates. They will be intimated through SMS as well. However, no information in this regard shall be sent through post. 

9. Conduct of Test: 

(i) It will be mandatory for the candidates to bring original CNIC, Treasury Receipt and downloaded copy of Admission Certificate at the time of Screening/ Written Test. 

(ii) Without original Treasury Receipt candidates would not be allowed entry in the Examination Hall. Photocopy of T.R/ Bank Scroll would not be accepted. Candidates are advised to preserve the original T.R so as to avoid any inconvenience at the time of entry in the Examination Halls. 

(iii) Test/ Examination for Consolidated Advt. No. 5/2020 will tentatively be held from 15th November, 2020 onwards. Such tests/ Examination can however be conducted earlier also in case of limited number of candidates..

(iv) For the post of Assistant Private Secretary (BS-16) candidates will be called for Test at Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta centers only, if sufficient number of candidates at each center are available. Only those who qualify the Typing Test will be allowed to appear in Shorthand & Computer literacy tests

10. Change of Centre: Candidates are allowed to avail facility for change of Examination Centre, only through on-line request upto 15-10-2020.

11. Closing Date for submission of applications is Monday, 20th July, 2020.


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