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Sanitary Petrol (150 Posts)

Posted: 05 May, 2020

District Health Authority Bahawalpur 

Location: Bahawalpur

Country: Pakistan

Positions: 150 (75 Male/75 Female)

Education: Middle Pass

Job Type: Contractual/Daily Wager

Department / Job Category: Healthcare

Last Date: 15 May 2020

District Health Authority Bahawalpur Overview

Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Establish, manage and supervise primary and secondary health care facilities and institutions.
  • Approve the budget of the Authority and allocate funds to health institutions.
  • Provide stewardship, ownership and oversight of health service delivery at primary and secondary levels within the policy framework given by the Government.
  • Coordinate planning and allocate finances for provision of service delivery at District level.
  • Develop referral and technical support linkages between primary and secondary levels of health care on the one hand and tertiary level health facilities and medical education institutions on the other.
  • Develop linkages between private and public health sectors for enhancing access and coverage of health care facilities to the general public and improving quality of these services.
  • Coordinate health related emergency response during any natural calamity or emergency.
  • Ensure human resource management and capacity development of health service delivery personnel under the policy framework given by the Government.
  • Ensure performance based contracts with service delivery managers as per prescribed indicators.
  • Monitor, exercise oversight and performance evaluation of service delivery managers as per agreed performance indicators either directly or through a third party.
  • Liaison with the Government for technical and logistic support in case of any emergency or disaster like situation.
  • Ensure timely and adequate reporting of progress on health indicators and issues relating to disease surveillance, epidemic control, disaster management to the Government.
  • Implement policies and directions of the Government including achievement of key performance indicators set by the Government for health care programmers.
  • Ensure implementation of minimum service delivery standards, infrastructure standards, patient safety and hygiene standards and minimum public health standards as prescribed by the Punjab Health Care Commission.
  • Perform any other function as may be assigned by the Government.

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