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67 xZ Chief of Party Job, Chemonics International Job Location: Peshawar, Country: Pakistan, Positions: 1, Job Type: Full Time, Department / Job Category: Project Management, Last Date: 22 May 2020 – DAILY LATEST JOBS, DAILY JOBS IN PAKISTAN FROM LEADING NEWSPAPERS LATEST BY KFR.COM.PK 《KICK FOR RISE》

Chief of Party Job, Chemonics International Job Location: Peshawar, Country: Pakistan, Positions: 1, Job Type: Full Time, Department / Job Category: Project Management, Last Date: 22 May 2020

Chief of Party

Chemonics International
Posted :14 May 2020

Job Location: Peshawar

Country: Pakistan

Positions: 1

Job Type: Full Time

Department / Job Category: Project Management

Last Date: 22 May 2020


Chemonics seeks leadership professionals for the proposed upcoming $15-17.5 million USAID-funded Land Registration in Merged Areas (LRMA) Activity proposal. The purpose of the activity will be to implement a multi-year, technical assistance and capacity development activity assisting the KP provincial government to improve the accessibility of land records; effectuate land transactions; allow the use of land to improve access to credit and to reduce loan risk; generate revenue for the provincial government; and permit economic, land, and mineral development and investments in the seven districts of the Merged Areas (MA) of the province. The project will be based in Peshawar. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Chief of Party

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide overall leadership, program direction, and technical expertise 
  • Oversee all contractual and budgetary aspects of program management 
  • Ensure that the work plan, M&E, and reporting efforts are aligned with contract requirements, program objectives, and USAID Guidance  
  • Professionally represent Chemonics to USAID, the Government of Pakistan, Pakistani counterparts, and other program stakeholders 
  • Monitor and, where necessary, modify program assistance to achieve results; ensure that relevant, productive and complementary activities are implemented effectively 


  • Advanced degree in public administration, business administration, international development, economics, or relevant fields 
  • Minimum of ten years of relevant management, supervisory, and technical experience with USAID or similar donor-funded programs of similar scope in Pakistan  
  • Experience managing large, complex donor projects, particularly USAID-funded contracts, as chief of party, team leader, deputy chief of party, or senior technical advisor. 
  • Demonstrated experience engaging government counterparts and relevant project stakeholders to implement land and legal reforms and best practices at subnational level 
  • Experience planning and implementing programs in FATA preferred.
  • Demonstrated leadership, versatility, and integrity.
  • Fluency in English and Urdu required. Proficiency in Pashto preferred. 

Apply By:   

Application instructions:

Please send an email with your CV and cover letter attached to PakistanFatarecruit@chemonics.com by May 22, 2020. Early submissions are encouraged, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. No telephone inquiries, please. Finalists will be contacted.

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Chief of Party Job, Chemonics International Job Location: Peshawar, Country: Pakistan, Positions: 1, Job Type: Full Time, Department / Job Category: Project Management, Last Date: 22 May 2020

Chief of Party Chemonics International Posted :14 May 2020

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