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Sd Ul BPSC Jobs 2021 September Apply Online ADVERTISEMENT No. 07/2021 Balochistan Public Service Commission Jobs 2021 Latest – DAILY LATEST JOBS, DAILY JOBS IN PAKISTAN FROM LEADING NEWSPAPERS LATEST BY KFR.COM.PK 《KICK FOR RISE》

BPSC Jobs 2021 September Apply Online ADVERTISEMENT No. 07/2021 Balochistan Public Service Commission Jobs 2021 Latest

in Balochistan

Last Date: 26th, October 2021

Applications are invited for initial recruitment to the following permanent posts in the
various departments of Government of Balochistan:

  • ●●● Livestock & Dairy Development Department ●●●
  • One Hundred Fifty Nine (159) posts of Veterinary Officer (B-17)
  • ●●● Mines & Mineral Development Department ●●●
  • Two (02) posts of Assistant Mines Labour Welfare Commissioner (B-17).
  • One (01) post of Assistant Director (Auction) (B-17).
  • ●●● Labour & Manpower Department ●●●
  • Seven (07) posts of Assistant Director Labour (B-17) / Assistant Director Child (Gender Unit) (B-17)
  • Four (04) posts of Research Officer (B-17)
  • Two (02) posts of Technician (B-16)
  • ●●● Law & Parliamentary Affairs Department ●●●
  • One (01) post of Research Officer (B-17) in Advocate General Office, Balochistan
  • ●●● Minorities Affairs Department ●●●
  • Four (04) posts of Assistant Director (B-17).
  • Four (04) posts of Assistant (B-16).
  • ●●● Home & Tribal Affairs Department ●●●
  • Eight (08) posts of Assistant Account Officer (B-16) in the Prisons Department
  • ●●● Urban Planning & Development Department ●●●
  • One (01) post of Assistant Director (Planning) (B-17).
  • Three (03) posts of Town Planning Officer (B-17).
  • ●●● Balochistan Provincial Assembly Secretariat ●●●
  • Two (02) posts of Assistant (B-16).
  • ●●● Health Department ●●●
  • One (01) post of Assistant Professor (Pediatric Surgery)(B-18) in the BMC, Quetta.
  • One (01) post of Planning Officer (B-17).
  • Three Hundred Forty Five (345) posts of Staff Nurse (B-16).
  • ●●● Finance Department ●●●
  • Two (02) posts of Computer Operator (B-16).
  • ●●● Planning & Development Department ●●●
  • Three (03) posts of Assistant Engineer (B-17).
  • ●●● Agriculture & Cooperative Department ●●●
  • Forty One (41) posts of Assistant Agriculture Engineer (B-17) in the Agricultural Engineering Department.
  • One (01) post of Assistant Account Officer (B-16) in the Agricultural Engineering Department.
  • One (01) post of Security Officer (B-16) in the Agricultural Engineering Department
  • Eight (08) posts of Assistant (B-16) in the Agricultural Engineering Department
  • ●●● Industries & Commerce Department ●●●
  • Six (06) posts of Industrial Development Officer (B-16).
  • Social Welfare, Special Education, Literacy, Non-Formal ●●● Education & Human Rights Department ●●●
  • Six (06) posts of Speech Therapist (B-17).
  • ●●● Colleges, Higher & Technical Education Department ●●●
  • Ten (10) posts of Lecturer In Physical Education(Men’s Section) (B-17)
  • Eight (08) posts of Lecturer In Physical Education (Women’s Section) (B-17)




  • All applications for Initial Recruitment in BPS-16 and above must be submitted online through BPSC’s website www.bpsc.gob.pk.
  • No hardcopy of online application is required from the applicants. However, those applicants who do not have access to internet facility, are allowed to submit their applications on the prescribed form must reach the Balochistan Public Service Commission, Quetta by hand or by mail on or before the closing date i.e. 26 th October, 2021. Application form available at BPSC website giving detailed particulars in the light of prescribed conditions for the post applied for.
  • It will be mandatory for the candidates to bring original CNIC, Treasury Receipt (Green Challan) and downloaded copy of Admission Certificate/Roll no slip at the time of Screening/ Written Test. (The candidates should realize that original CNIC and original Treasury Receipt (Green Challan) would be admissible as a valid document. It is reiterated that the candidates must preserve the original T.R and do not send the same to BPSC office in advance, so as to avoid any inconvenience at the time of entry in the Examination Halls).
  • Those candidates who have submitted their application by hand or sent by mail/post, their roll no slips will be dispatched to their postal address as well as they will be intimated through sms.
  • Admission Certificates/Roll no slips for Screening (MCQ’s Test/Written test) for posts applied will be placed on the website of BPSC i.e. www.bpsc.gob.pk. Candidates are advised to frequently visit this website. They will be intimated through SMS as well.
  • No extra time is allowed for postal transit etc.
  • APPLICATION FEE: The Candidates are required to deposit the original treasury receipt of Rs. 2000 for BPS-19 & BPS-20, Rs. 1000 for BPS-18 and Rs. 600 for BPS-14, BPS-16 & 17. The amount should be deposited in the State Bank/National Bank of Pakistan or Government Treasury authorized to transact business on behalf of Government of Balochistan under the Head C02101 ORGAN OF STATE EXAM.FEE RECEIPT BPSC with incorporating the relevant RCO/District-wise Code in Challan. The RCO/District-wise code is available on the official website of this Commission i.e. www.bpsc.gob.pk.


Please visit the link given below for Apply Online through BPSC’S Website:

URL: http://bpsc.gob.pk/CandidateLogin.aspx

Applicants may please note that:

  • No hardcopy of application or copies of documents are required to be forwarded to BPSC.
  • The printed online application should be retained by the applicants for their own record.
  • Do not send Bank Challan/ Treasury Receipt to BPSC, It should be preserved in save custody by applicant and has to be produced at time of appearing in the Exam.
  • Submitting online applications without having required Qualification, Experience, Gender, Religion, Local/Domicile etc or submitting fake/bogus online applications may cause serious difficulty for applicant in future.
  • For any technical assistance regarding applying online, contact on the number (0819203264) during office hours from Monday to Friday.

LAST DATE: 26th, October 2021

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