IT Consultant Job, Bespoke Engineering Solutions, Country: Pakistan, Positions: 1, Job Type: Full Time, Department / Job Category: Consultancy, Last Date: 31 May 2020,

IT Consultant

Bespoke Engineering Solutions
Posted :14 May 2020

Country: Pakistan

Positions: 1

Job Type: Full Time

Department / Job Category: Consultancy

Last Date: 31 May 2020


Bespoke Engineering Solutions is seeking an IT Consultant to support its engineering team. As a growing company, Bespoke intends to speed up and expand its internal as well external processes requiring an IT input. The company in line with its business growth plan intends to have an array of computer/mobile programs developed.


  • Ability to demonstrate a portfolio showing IT projects involved in;
  • Ability to read and understand technical and non-technical documentation as related to the projects;
  • Certificate/diploma/degree in IT desirable but not mandatory.

Skills and Abilities, Level of Importance to Position [High, Medium, Low]

  •     Computer programming using different languages (High)
  •     App development on iOS and Android (High)
  •     IT troubleshooting (Medium)
  •     Knowledge of computer hardware (Medium)
  •     Website development using coding (High)
  •     Website update and maintenance using Wix and other online platforms (High)
  •     SEO knowledge (Medium)
  •    Online payment gateway knowledge and ability to set that up (High)
  •     Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) (Low)
  •     Manage projects (Low)
  •    Offer solutions NOT problems (High)
  •    Time management and organisation skills (Medium)
  •    Job ownership/work-proud attitude (Low)
  •     Interpersonal Skills/Online communication (High)
  •    Positive Attitude (Medium)
  •    Time keeping and reporting on all activities with projects (Low)


Develop computer programs and applications

Able to remotely solve IT issues arising in the office

Advise on latest IT developments happening worldwide and plans to reasonably acquire them

Time keeping and reporting on all projects

Able to support office in other tasks as per need basis for e.g data entry, online search, marketing, etc.

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Interested candidates can send their applications at [email protected]

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